Further development of your technique, based on your favourite music


Guitar lessons are a high focal point for us at MICPH and we are not afraid to call ourselves experts in the field. We offer engaging instrumental lessons for all skill levels; from eight years and up.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, it is important that your guitar lessons are being put together according to your wants and needs. We are committed to finding the right guitar teacher for you so that you get the most out of your time with us and achieve your guitar dreams as quickly as possible.

Learn to play the guitar based on your own prerequisites
Our passionate guitar teachers are actively involved on the Danish venues and are among the best teachers in Copenhagen. Whether you play jazz, rock, blues, heavy metal or something else, our lessons can improve your skills on the instrument and give you the support you need, as well as inspiration. Naturally, we plan the lesson based on your specific ambitions, abilities and wants.
We are located in the heart of Copenhagen in lovely facilities overlooking the city’s lakes.



  • One-on-one lessons from experienced and dedicated guitar teachers.
  • Customised guitar lessons that are tailored to your needs.
  • Further development of your technique, based on your favourite music.
  • Optimisation of your guitar exercises.



In our guitar lessons for beginners, you will quickly befriend the fundamental chords. You will learn to play small melodies and themes, as well as improvise and play solos.



Guitar lessons in the “intermediate” category cater to guitarists who have learned the basic techniques and have learned the guitar’s ‘know-how’.



Our lessons for advanced guitarists cater to those who are quite familiar with the instrument and have several years of experience.

How, when and how much

Guitar lessons are divided up into a spring and autumn season with 20 and 18 lessons respectively. You can choose between lessons lasting for 20, 30 or 40 minutes per week.
If you start mid-season, the season’s price will, of course, be reduced by the number of lessons that you have not received. You can also buy a punch card of between 5 – 40 lessons.


If you are still in doubt about whether our lessons are something for you, contact us and arrange a trial lesson by filling out this form, by email: or Tel.: 32 13 21 21


“Min søn Julian glæder sig til at komme til undervisning hver gang, og han øver altid med et stort smil”

Niklas Schneidermann, Magtens Korridorer

Min underviser tager altid udgangspunkt i den musik, jeg bedst kan lide – det motiverer mig, når jeg øver mig hjemme.

Claus Møller Jakobsen

Jeg kan mærke en stor udvikling fra, jeg startede. Jeg føler mig meget mere sikker på min guitar efter to sæsoner.

Mathilde Falch - sangskriver

Det, som for mig gør dem sublime, er, at lærerne skræddersyer et program specifikt til hver enkelt elev.

Morten Boel - Guitarist

Få tips, tricks og videoerdirekte i din indbakke